Apres menu


What does Aprés mean? pronounced (Ahh-Pray)

Derived from the French term Aprés-ski, meaning After-ski, Aprés denotes food and festivities after your favorite activity- be it skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backcountry, ice skating, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, SUPping, rafting, running, strolling, shopping, sports, or whatever you enjoy doing!

epic pretzels 

  • bavarian 

  • jalapeno 

served with choice of dipping sauce:

  • spicy beer mustard

  • honey mustard

  • ranch 

  • garlic cream cheese

  • pork green chili

chicken skewers 

served with choice of dipping sauce:

  • thai peanut

  • ranch

  • honey bourbon bbq

  • honey mustard

  • spicy beer mustard

sausage platter 

choice of 2 

  • elk jalapeno & cheddar  

  • bison green chili

  • wild boar cranberry & apricot 

  • jackalope pork 

served with spicy beer mustard 

Pork green chili

served with seasoned corn chips 

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