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Craft Cocktails

breakfast cocktails



spring dipper

prosecco & orange juice 

outback bloody mary 

vodka, gin, or tequila with  timberline bloody mary mix, bacon, pickle, & Olive 



Breakfast Shot (shooter)

Jameson and butterscotch schnapps chased with orange juice (tastes like maple syrup)

hot cocktails 

steep irish coffee

Jameson irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, sugar, & cream 

wild irishman 

Irish whiskey, Irish cream, freshly brewed coffee & whipped cream 

bear hug 

peppermint schnapps, irish cream, hot chocolate, cream & whipped cream 


tequila, hot chocolate, cinnamon, & chili powder 

whiskey hot toddy

irish whiskey, honey, lemon & hot water 

rye hot toddy

rye, honey, lemon & hot water 

Iced Coffee Cocktails 



vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, cold brew coffee

Keystone bulldog


Steep Russian 

vodka, irish cream, coffee liqueur, and cold brew coffee

vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, cola 

Bourbon, bitters, cold brew coffee, sugar and lemon 

summit car bomb  

1/2 pint of stout, shot of jameson and irish cream 

Classic cocktails

mountain mule 

vodka, gin, or bourbon with ginger beer and lime 


vodka, gin, or tequila with grapefruit soda, and lime 


vodka or gin, with dry vermouth and olives 

steep and stormy

light rum, dark rum, ginger beer and lime 

old fashioned

bourbon, bitters, orange, sugar, and cherries 


bourbon or rye, sweeth vermouth, bitters and cherries 

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