Steep & Easy Blonde- 6.0% ABV

Infused with 20+lbs of fresh rasberries and blueberries, this beer tastes like summer and smells of an orchard.  it even qualifies as a breakfast beer. . . I mean it is almost a smoothie. 


break a leg IPA- 5.7% ABV

Named for the leg that snapped off of our equipment during brewing! thankfully not a drop of this delicious,  easy-drinking ipa was spilled. light & citrusy, it makes us feel like summertime is all the time. 

BEACH in Hawaii Kettle Sour- 4.0% ABV 

picture yourself Baking in the sun as you sip this delightfully fruity & sour Pineapple-Orange-mango Berliner weisse.

key west Kettle sour- 4.0% ABV

This tart Key Lime strawberry berliner weisse will have you dreaming of Sunsets and green flashes as you sip.

kitchen sink amber ale- 5.3% abv

This Smooth, full-bodied crowd-pleaser has everything but the kitchen sink. 

Red-Vested Hound ESB- 5.6% abv

This english style bitter (ESB) is a collaboration brew with our friends at Angry James brewery in silverthorne.

Balanced & malty with a lil kick at the end. Perfectly paired with anything that makes you happy. Named after A-Basin Avalanche Rescue dog Tikka, this beer is a perfect way to start your apres. 

NOW available on NITRO!

romeo chocolate ipa- 5.0% abv

 if you are an ipa fan, you will fall in love with this unique hoppy beer!

Powder Pup PORTER- 5.4% ABV
This delicious doggy-style porter was officially approved by arapahoe basin avalanche rescue dog maxx. He couldn't get enough. Better come try some before he drinks it all. 
Goin' back to cali Porter- 5.4% ABV
our coffee infused version of the porter
rising trout brown ale- 4.8% abv

 This balanced brown ale will have you dreaming of the river and spring hatches.




Keystone kolsch- 4.8% abv

This crisp, lightweight beer takes the craved full-bodied ale and combines it with the crisp finish of a lager. perfection in a glass. we recommend drinking this whilst fishing, rafting or any other spring activity.

Coffee Kolsch- 4.8% abv 
Where two ends meet.  the essence of coffee meets the crisp flavors of a lightweight beer.  This coffee Kolsch takes the craved full-bodied ale and combines it with the crisp finish of a lager. a balanced coffee to beer ratio creates this perfection in a glass. 
bavarian breakfast hefe- 5.4%abv

when we think of the perfect hefe, we think about if cloves and bananas met, hooked up, and made a cloveana baby. you want essence of each, without the risk of overpowering either flavor. you may be sensing a trend- we make beers that are great for consumption from  sunup to sundown.



our first tapped beer! made with local malts, squall offers a citrus and pine aroma and makes us feel like summertime is all the time. 

Belgian Dubbel- 7.5% abv 

A Classic Belgian Dubbel with Hints of Coriander, Clove, and Banana Peel. a Collaboration  brew with Guanella Pass Brewery in Georgetown. Delicious, Crushable, just like that certain someone said about you. 

Coffee brown ale- 5.1%abv

a great brown ale infused with a medium roasted coffee. it's our belief that you can drink this beer in place of actual coffee. at 5.1% you'll get caffeinated before you get drunk.  collaboration brew with our friends at High Side brewery in frisco.

dirty chai Stout- 6.1% abv

Another small batch we whipped up. featuring our housemade chai. 

Decaf is super lame Stout- 5.8%-6.1% abv

 This stout is infused with our coffee. don't worry though-- you'll get buzzed before you get caffeinated. 

J Sleazy oatmeal stout 6.1% abv 

IT's about time the owner has a beer named for him. A perfect blend of chocolaty to malty this beer is perfect after a powder run.


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