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STEEP Brewing and Coffee Co. opened its doors on December 19th, 2020, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owners Justin and Elissa. Over the past few years, STEEP Brewing & Coffee Company has grown from a tiny little brewery and taproom to a must-visit Summit County brewery for Keystone skiers, snowboarders, and summer visitors alike. Our new taproom and coffee house opened in the Keystone River Run Village, steps away from the Gondola, in winter 2021.

Due to the demand for our beer and coffee, we expanded our brewing and coffee roasting facility to approximately 2,000 SF in the summer of 2022.




(Variety varies by location)

Mountain Juice Hazy IPA 


6.1% ABV

This true hazy ipa is the perfect juicy complement to your morning, afternoon or evening in the mountains! Dry hopped with talus, Sabro and Mandarina Bavaria hops, this beer is bursting with citrus and tropical hop aroma & flavor.

west side of the tunnel ipa

7.0% ABV

This west coast IPA was brewed for those of us on the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel. With a slight hop bitterness, lightly sweet backbone, and strong aroma of mango, citrus, and pine, you’ll never want to go eastbound on I70 again.

Pau Hana coconut & coffee pORTER
5.7% ABV
full of flavor, this delicious beer was Steeped with 50 pounds of toasted coconut and infused with smooth whole bean freshly roasted in-house 9343' espresso blend coffee beans. Perfect for when you're Pau with the day's work or riding and need to kick back and relax.

OG Bubba Kolsch 
5.4% abv

This beer was brewed with the Colorado skier or snowboarder in mind. Whether you’re visiting Colorado for the beautiful mountains or our abundant greenery, you’ll be remiss not to try this beer while you’re here. Easy drinking and crisp with a light fruity nose, this kolsch is the perfect beer for apres ski. Pairs best with powder days and smoky haze.

harvest moon chai pumpkin brown ale
6.6% abv

This beer was made with the changing of the seasons, fall harvests, and the colors of the leaves in mind. Brewed with pumpkin purée and our house made chai, this beer has notes of chai spice on the nose with a malty sweet backbone and slight pumpkin finish. Pairs best with puffy vests, leggings and Ugg boots.

Widderhorn oktoberfest lager 
4.8% abv
Whether you’re a hunter, a leaf peeper, or a nature enthusiast, you’ll love this oktoberfest named for the horn of the Bighorn rams native to the state of Colorado. Brewed with German malts and hops for a Steep take on a German staple, this beer is crisp and clean with a delightful malt backbone and light bitterness. Designed to replicate the beers served at Munich’s Oktoberfest, this beer pairs best with a little sausage in you or when you’re looking for a little slap and pickle.

crispy treat pilsner


4.8% ABV

This German-style pilsner is exactly as its name suggests, a delightful crispy treat. With an effervescent aroma of tropical fruit, citrus, and white wine followed by a clean, crisp finish, you’ll want to have a few of these while enjoying all the mountain activities Summit County has to offer. Pairs well with marshmallows roasted on an open fire or your favorite rice based breakfast cereal.


Send it buddies imperial salted caramel latte stout

 8.5% ABV

This delicious concoction was brewed in collaboration with some of our buddies in Colorado: Syndicate Brewing in Silverthorne, Saltan of Smoke in Del Norte and Proximity Malt in Monte Vista. When we first envisioned this brew, we decided to fully send it with our friends! Brewed with five different chocolate malts from Proximity Malt as well as a selection of English caramel malts then finished with Breckenridge Coffee Roasters Mexican Chiapas coffee and smoked sea salt from Saltan of Smoke, this beer has everything you could hope for. With an aroma of chocolate, coffee, and a touch of smoke followed by a sweet caramel flavor and light salty finish, this stout will leave you craving the highest quality chocolate bar money can buy.

As you wish esb


5.4% ABV

This beer was brewed as the second of two beers to commemorate the marriage of our sales/marketing manager, Laura, and her husband and head brewer, Levi. With a smooth malty sweetness with notes of toffee and caramel and slight bitter finish, complemented by a fruity aroma of mango and peach, this American twist on a classic English style will leave you wishing for more. Much as Wesley will do anything for his Princess Buttercup, this delicious brew will fulfill all your wishes as we wish Laura and Levi a lifetime of happiness.

rose grenade pomegranate shandy

5.4% ABV

 This shandy style wheat beer was made for the warm autumn days and crisp fall evenings in Summit County. Brewed with pomegranate juice and lemon zest, this beer is the perfect complement to changing colors with notes of pomegranate, lemon, and a light tartness. The light pink hue of this delicious beer will remind you of a cool glass of rosé or a spiked Shirley Temple.

London fog dark english mild with earl grey tea and vanilla

4.8% ABV

This beer was brewed to reflect the London Fog breakfast drink that consists of earl grey tea, vanilla, and steamed milk. Brewed with a mixture of dark, caramel, and biscuit malts, this beer has a malty sweet backbone with a medium toast aroma and flavor. The malt body of this beer is complemented by the black tea and vanilla to remind one of a foggy, crisp London morning. So stop in and have a cuppa of this one!

FDRD trail ale - collaboration with friends of the dillon ranger district


4.8% ABV

This American pale ale was brewed in collaboration with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District. This beer is light and easy drinking with the addition of locally sourced spruce tips from Spruce on Tap in southern Colorado for a beautiful aroma of pine, spruce, and strawberry. A percentage of profits from this beer will be donated to Friends of the Dillon Ranger District to support those who help keep our trails and forests beautiful.

meet the brewers dark lager 

4.3% ABV

This beer is the first of two to celebrate the marriage of our head brewer, Levi, and his soon to be wife/sales person extraordinaire, Laura. Brewed with a blend of German and American malts, this lager is the perfect union of dark color, malty flavor, and crisp, clean finish. We can only hope Laura and Levi find that marriage is as easy drinking and refreshing as this delicious beer. So raise a pint of this delicious lager to the happy couple!

lower inhibitions maple malt liquor


9.4% ABv

Brewed in collaboration with ESCO Construction who donated some equipment to assist us in hoisting our new tanks, this malt liquor was designed to lower your inhibitions! This beer is surprisingly smooth for how high octane it is with a delightful maple aroma and lightly sweet malty backbone. Have one or two and you will have definitely lowered your inhibitions. Pairs best with pancakes and brown paper bags.

miguel y paola apple/pomegranate/honey seltzer

5.5% ABV

 Miguel was the youngest son of a poor beekeeper who, upon the death of his father, began working for the wealthy orchard at the top of the hill in his small Mexican village. In order to provide for his widowed mother and invalid sister, Miguel tended the fruit trees that spanned the majority of the outskirts of town and brought wealth and prosperity to the greedy orchard owner, but left the rest of the town to fight for scraps. One blistering, unseasonably warm September afternoon, Miguel was picking the apples and pomegranates of the orchard when a beautiful young woman strolled through. She saw Miguel from a distance, glistening with sweat from the hot September sun and felt a fire inside of her she’d never experienced. She yelled from across the orchard, waving her embroidered handkerchief with the family crest as a sign of attraction. Miguel was so flabbergasted by her beauty that he dropped an apple and a pomegranate into the jar of honey that was his sustenance for the day. He ran to her, got down on one knee and grasped her hand, asking for her name and she meekly revealed it to be Paola. As he rose to embrace her and kiss her voluptuous lips for the first time, the sky opened and the tears of the angels gently washed away their inhibitions, cooling their skin and filling the honey jar with the water necessary to create the delicious apple, pomegranate and honey concoction you are drinking now. 

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