We are beer, nice to meet you. 
Belgian Dubbel- 7.5%abv

A Classic Belgian Dubbel. Hints of Coriander, Clove, and Banana Peel. Collaboration with Guanella Pass.


Delicious, Crushable, just like that certain someone said about you. 

Coffee brown ale- 5.1%abv- All Gone

a great brown ale infused with a medium roasted coffee. it's our belief that you can drink this beer in place of actual coffee. at 5.1% you'll get caffeinated before you get drunk.  collab with High Side


you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning! 

SQUALL IPA- returning soon 

our first tapped beer! made with local malts, squall offers a citrus and pine aroma and makes us feel like summertime is all the time. 


the devil's in the details,  but good beer is in our glasses 

Who the F**** is Brian- 5.3%abv

ever have that friend who went by a totally different name than their actual name? This porter also has two different names. "who the F*** is Brian is our . . . "simplex" version of "going back to callie-- coffee porter.


we figure, why have to make choices when you can have the best of both worlds! 

Steep & Easy Blonde- 6.0% ABV

It may be winter, but this beer tastes like sunshine (and smells of the finest raspberries and blueberries.) at 6% ABV, crushin' this beer will have you ready to crush some freshies. (it even qualifies as a breakfast beer. . . because fruit! )


80% of our team are raft rats and always dreaming of a perfect beer! we wanted to create a beer easy to pound no matter the weather, thus our Steep and easy blonde was born.  

bavarian breakfast hefe- 5.4%abv

when we think of the perfect hefe, we think about if cloves and bananas met, hooked up, and made a cloveana baby. you want essence of each, without the risk of overpowering either flavor. Well marshall took that theory and made it reality. 


have you sensed a trend- we make beers that are great for consumption from  sun up to sundown 

Stout(s)- 5.8%-6.1% 

With winter comes the perfect stout season. we officially have three different stouts for you! 

Decaf is lame (pictured)- This nitro stout is infused with our coffee. don't worry though-- you'll get buzzed before you get caffeinated. 

Dirtay Chai stout- Another small batch we whipped up. featuring our housemade chai. 

J Sleazy's Oatmeal Stout- IT's about time the owner has a beer named for him. A perfect blend of chocolaty to malty this beer is perfect after a powder run.


our coffee and chai stouts are limited edition, so swing in and get yourself a taster or two! 

keep checking in!
We have a Kolsch, and an IPA coming soon to a tap near you. 
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