*STEEP flagship beers

*Mountain Juice Hazy IPA- 6.1% ABV

This true hazy ipa is the perfect juicy complement to your morning, afternoon or evening in the mountains! Dry hopped with talus, Sabro and Mandarina Bavaria hops, this beer is bursting with citrus and tropical hop aroma & flavor. 

*Mountain deuce Tangerine Double Hazy



This double ipa was brewed in honor of our flagship hazy ipa (aka the juice). brewed with oats and wheat to provide a solid backbone to the heavy hop addition, this beer is surprisingly smooth and drinkable. bursting with tropical and citrus flavors from the Tangerine and dry hop additions, Sipping this beer is effortless.

*West of the Tunnel IPA- 7.0% abv

 This west coast IPA was brewed for those of us on the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel. With a slight hop bitterness, lightly sweet backbone, and strong aroma of mango, citrus, and pine, you’ll never want to go eastbound on I-70 again. 

*Steep & Easy Blonde- 6.0% ABV

Infused with 20+lbs of fresh Fruit (ROtating with every batch), this beer tastes like summer and smells of an orchard.  it even qualifies as a breakfast beer. . . I mean it is almost a smoothie. 

*Pau Hana coconut coffee pORTER-
5.2% ABV
full of flavor, this delicious beer was Steeped with 30 pounds of toasted coconut and infused with smooth cold-brew coffee that was brewed using our freshly roasted in-house Free Trade-organic brazil coffee beans. 

*J Sleazy oatmeal stout- 5.1% abv 

IT's about time our fearless leader had a beer named after him! smooth and easy drinking, this beer was Brewed with a combination of dark malts and three different types of oats, It is full bodied with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee, and is the perfect beer to enjoy after a few powder runs.

*E Sleazy Mocha Nitro stout- 5.1% abv 

IT's about time our other fearless leader had a beer named after her! this smooth, dark delicious brew will satisfy the mostwicked of chocolate cravings! Perfect for breakfast, apres or a nightcap!


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Mauka coconut pORTER- 5.2% ABV
Steeped with 30 pounds of toasted coconut, this light and delicious porter will have you coming back for more!
blackberry Manilow Winter warmer-
7.3% abv

This beer came and it gave without taking. Brewed with Andean Blackberry puree from Fierce Fruit and a blend of winter spices, it has a fruity and spicy nose with a smooth malty backbone reminiscent of a blackberry cobbler. So throw on your favorite Barry Manilow holiday album, sit by a fireplace and enjoy the croon of his voice and this delicious beer!

*Harvest moon Chai pumpkin brown ale
- 5.7% abv

Inspired by the changing of the seasons, fall harvests, and the colors of the leaves, this Seasonal ale  was Brewed with pumpkin purée and our house made chai, With cozy notes of chai spice, a malty sweet backbone, & slight pumpkin finish, it Pairs best with puffy vests, leggings and Ugg boots. 

Featured in 5280 Magazine as one of the 7 most creative Colorado beers you can drink this fall!



Au Lait! coffee cream ale- 5.3% abv

 This light beer is deceptively coffee forward. Brewed with corn to add a slight sweetness, this ale is dry and refreshing. Ethiopian light roast coffee was added for a blueberry and chocolate coffee flavor that surprises the palate. So whether you pronounce it Olé or Au Lait, come on in for a pint or two of this beer on either nitro or CO2!

Britney's free ESB- 5.5% abv

We brewed this classic non-”Toxic” English style bitter ale in honor of the ending of Britney Spears’ conservatorship.  With a smooth malty sweetnes, notes of toffee and caramel, and a slight bitter finish, you’ll be asking us to pour this “Baby One More Time.”

Widowmaker White IPA- 5.7% abv

 Brewed with respect to the avalanche chute that frequently closes Highway 6, this winter seasonal IPA is the perfect balance of yeast and hop character. With a blooming citrus and spice aroma complemented by the clove and banana Belgian yeast notes, this beer will knock your senses sideways!


Keystone kolsch- 4.8% abv

This crisp, lightweight beer takes the craved full-bodied ale and combines it with the crisp finish of a lager. perfection in a glass. we recommend drinking this whilst fishing, rafting or any other spring activity.

Coffee Kolsch- 4.8% abv 
Where two ends meet.  the essence of coffee meets the crisp flavors of a lightweight beer.  This coffee Kolsch takes the craved full-bodied ale and combines it with the crisp finish of a lager. a balanced coffee to beer ratio creates this perfection in a glass. 
Cerritos mexican lager- 4.1% abv

 Cerros = mountains.

light & easy drinking, this is the perfect summer bEer TO DRINK IN THE MOUNTAINS & DREAM OF THE BEACH. 

Peach & Easy Blonde- 5.7% ABV

A peachy twist on our classic steep & easy Blonde Ale!

Infused with 50+lbs of fresh Colorado Palisade Peaches to create a subtle hint of fruit,

this beer is perfect for sipping on our patio on a hot summer day!

bavarian breakfast hefe- 5.4%abv

when we think of the perfect hefe, we think about if cloves and bananas met, hooked up, and made a cloveana baby. you want essence of each, without the risk of overpowering either flavor. you may be sensing a trend- we make beers that are great for consumption from  sunup to sundown.

Wacky Wheat- 4.2% abv

a delicious light wheat beer with citrus notes, perfect for a summer afternoon!

Hopocalypse now double ipa- 7.9% abv



our first tapped beer! made with local malts, squall offers a citrus and pine aroma and makes us feel like summertime is all the time. 

COLLAB DOUBLE ipa- 9.2% abv


romeo Black ipa- 5.0% abv

you will fall in love with THis TALL, DARK & HANDSOME IPA!

Break a leg IPA- 5.7% ABV

Named for the leg that snapped off of our equipment during brewing! thankfully not a drop of this delicious,  easy-drinking ipa was spilled. light & citrusy, it makes us feel like summertime is all the time. 

Lulo & Stitch Fruited Kettle Sour- 4.5% ABV

    Brewed with Lulo fruit puree from Columbia, this delightfully refreshing beer has a pleasant tropical aroma with notes of pineapple, kiwi, and pear that complement the light tartness from the kettle souring process. 

Down Under Pilsner- 4.7% ABV

a nod to our mates in the Southern Hemisphere, this pilsner was Made with hops from both New Zealand and Australia .this refreshing beer is characterized by light, nutty flavors. Put another shrimp on the barby and enjoy! 

BEACH in Hawaii KETTLE SOUR- 4.0% ABV 

picture yourself Baking in the sun as you sip this delightfully fruity & sour Pineapple-Orange-mango Berliner weisse.

key west Kettle sour- 4.0% ABV

This tart Key Lime strawberry berliner weisse will have you dreaming of Sunsets and green flashes as you sip.

tropica guava KETTLE SOUR- 4.0% ABV 

picture yourself in the tropics as you sip this delightfully fruity & sour guava Berliner weisse.

Limited quantity of this specialty sour, come try it before it is gone!

Berliner Weisse- 4.0% ABV 

Try this delightful  sour before the summer is over!

Belgian Dubbel- 7.5% abv 

A Classic Belgian Dubbel with Hints of Coriander, Clove, and Banana Peel. a Collaboration  brew with Guanella Pass Brewery in Georgetown. Delicious, Crushable, just like that certain someone said about you. 

kitchen sink amber ale- 5.3% abv

This Smooth, full-bodied crowd-pleaser DELIVERS everything but the kitchen sink. 

Red-Vested Hound ESB- 5.6% abv

This english style bitter (ESB) is a collaboration brew with our friends at Angry James brewery in silverthorne.

Balanced & malty with a lil kick at the end. Perfectly paired with anything that makes you happy. Named after A-Basin Avalanche Rescue dog Tikka, this beer is a perfect way to start your apres. 

NOW available on NITRO!

rising trout brown ale- 4.8% abv

 a  balanced brown ale THAT will have you dreaming of the river....

Coffee brown ale- 5.1%abv

a great brown ale infused with a medium roasted coffee. it's our belief that you can drink this beer in place of actual coffee. at 5.1% you'll get caffeinated before you get drunk.  collaboration brew with our friends at High Side brewery in frisco.

Goin' back to cali Porter- 5.4% ABV
our coffee infused version of the porter
Powder Pup PORTER- 5.4% ABV
This delicious doggy-style porter was officially approved by arapahoe basin avalanche rescue dog maxx. He couldn't get enough. come try some before he drinks it all. 
vanilla latte stout- 6.6% abv

 The best of both worlds! a smooth drinking stout infused with our cold-brew coffee made from our free trade-organic brazil coffee beans roasted in-house.

chai latte nitro stout- 6.6% abv

 this favorite stout is back, infused with our wonderfully secret house-made chai RECIPE.  dessert in a glass.

dirty chai Stout- 6.1% abv

Another small batch we whipped up. featuring our housemade chai. 

Decaf is super lame Stout- 5.8%-6.1% abv

 This stout is infused with our coffee. don't worry though-- you'll get buzzed before you get caffeinated. 


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